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The Max Detter Company was founded by Max Detter Senior in 1956. The scope of activities of the Company covers the following areas: transportation of construction materials, excavation of raw and construction materials from their own gravel pits and quarries, as well as leasing of large construction machines. Since 1990, we are also present throughout the new federal provinces of Germany. Furthermore, we have also enlarged our range of affiliates with earthwork, building construction and road construction daughter companies. Utilizing our own raw material deposits, we also carry out activities in the field of extracting construction materials, as well as in the area of recycling.


Since October, 2004, we have been working with large construction machinery in the new member-states of the EU (Hungary) for the Reinhold Meister Hungary Company, where we take part in the construction of the Hungarian M6 motorway, using our mobile stone-crushing installations, processing brittle rocks and additives, within the framework of raw material processing.

During the last 15 years, we have carried out many large projects and street constructions, for instance: Leipzig Airport, BMW in Leipzig, then the road construction of the A4, A14 and A9 German federal motorways, as well as by-pass roads, which avoid the large settlements, plus some extensive earthworks and asphalt construction works, also in the new federal provinces.

Our Company Group has achieved in 2004 some 23 million EUR total turnover, with its 150 employees.

Due to the founding of our Romanian subsidiary, it is now possible for us to widen our scope of activities towards the east.

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